Friday, September 5, 2008

Miracles for Mallory

I finally got my piece done for the auction. I had it almost done late last night and about 4 inches from being done, I ran out of thread. I was so upset and do you think I had a extra of that DMC color?-nope! So off to the store this morning to get home and finish it up.

I chose to do a penny rug rather then a dolly. There are so many wonderful doll Artists that will have their dollies up for auction, that I decided I needed to do something in wool. I do love working with wool and this piece is so much fun.
A pattern from Stacy West was used to make it. I think it turned out very nice and hope it does well for this worthy cause.
Please take a moment on the Sept 7th and peek at the offerings. I know there will be wonderful offerings from the best of the best!
Have a wonderful weekend. I am back to work.


Raggedy Angel said...

what a wonderful peice and for a wonderful cause! Beth

Doreen said...

Great piece Pea.


~Tonya said...

Love the penny rug. So nice of you to donate for such a worthy cause.

I am sure it will do well. That is terrible that you ran out of thread. Isn't that always the way.

Have a good one and don't work too hard.


Cookie said...

Peababy, I think it's beautiful and such a perfect piece to compliment all of the offerings on the charity auction!
Just wonderful, sweets :)

I started making a penny rug last year and would you believe it STILL has pins holding it together ?

I'm such a slacker! ♥

Tallowberry said...

Pea, I love this penny rug. I'm like Cookie, would love to make one but just haven't taken the time.
Whoever wins this piece is lucky indeed!

Pea said...

Thank you Beth. I so appreciate it.

Pea said...

Thank you Doreen

Pea said...

Thank you Tonya. I almost kept this one but ya know, but this is more important.
back to work. lots of it.

Pea said...

well I will finish your penny rug if you will make my dollies. LOL J.K.
I can get a penny rug done in no time flat. I spent about 5 hours stitching and the top was done. But it was stop and start over a couple of days while I was visiting Montana. So seemed faster.
But dollies take me forever to get one done. Don't know why that is.
Thank you my dear, I hope it does well for the auction.

Pea said...

Thank you so much Diane! I will make a few more this year. Might have to do a little one for a give away. mmmmmmmmmmmmm?