Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mom is going home

Hello everyone,
Mom is being released tomorrow from the rehab center. Despite all the medical/personal opinions that she should stay for her physical health, but her mental health is keeping her from getting better.
I think they should keep her until Monday but she isn't cooperating so she is being let go. I am feeling so many emotions right now it is all white noise. Scared to death she will get worse, scared she will do too much or two little, scared we will drive each other bonkers. I will have to sit and watch movies with her all day. OLD MOVIES! Black and white B movies. Shoot me! LOL Lots of house keeping to do so at least I have that.
Won't be able to create. That will be the worst part. She gets upset when I bring my stuff cause I need to use her table and I use the whole thing. I will try and take a few things small that I can sit in a small space but know it won't be enough. Or I will forget something.
She will have a nurse come in everyday to check on her. Thank Goodness for that. My prayers are answered for that. 6 months of this has been OUR Journey and I will be glad when we can look past it. Having Mom healed and better will be the blessing.
I won't have internet except for my phone so I won't be here unless I get a break to come home. 2 weeks will seem like a life time, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
Until then my friends, make every moment count.


Tracy said...

Oh Pea this is going to be hard for you both.
You for not being in your own home with your family and your treasures. And you mom for being in her own home but not having her health or her own independency.
Maybe take a walk when she is napping. Take some books to read when she is watching OLD movies. And a sketch book to jot down your creative ideas.
We will keep in touch...if for nothing else but your sanity, lol.
Hugs my friend.

Schell said...

Good news to hear that your mom is being released but, I hear ya on the mental health part. Mine talked herself out of the mental health facility in 48 hours! Not hard to do when you just tell them what they want to hear :0) Thank goodness she is doing better and I honestly think it is because of the boys and myself. We have been there for her through everything. It does get easier and I feel for you right now. Like Tracy said, keeping in touch for sanity is a good idea. I'm here for you also! Big Hugs!

PEA said...

Thank You Tracy, I really appreciate that. yes, will be a test of strength for me but I will get through this too. I have gone this far, can't quit now. If you have any sanity I would like to borrow it! LOL I seem to have misplaced mine.

PEA said...

Mom did the same thing. Talked her way right out of there. Talked them into believing that everything could be done for her at home. So now it has to be. Happy about it,no but I know I will get through it somehow. One breath at a time. I am the reason she has come this far and for that I am thankful.
for you too.

P.S. the kids said they will come by and give me breaks every few days.

Jessica said...

Sending prayers your way! God bless you & your family during these trials & tribulations.


PEA said...

Thank you so much Jessica! God bless you too!