Thursday, May 5, 2011

Song bird

Saw this sweet bird in my willow tree the other day. Just a singing away. I quietly crept back in the house and grabbed the camera. To my delight he was still there singing his pretty song when I returned. Look at the bird seed belly on this boy? Like a pot belly on a bird. LOL
I zoomed in about 14% to get this shot of him. I love it when nature gives me a picture like this. They are far and few between but I do so appreciate them.

On to my day or days I should say. LOL A few days ago my best friend Kris and her boyfriend came by for a visit. They are here visiting family. They flew in from Arizona.
Justin has never been to this area so he came to sight see and meet Kris's boys. She has 4 sons, 1 step daughter and a grandson that is cuter then puppies. He is a living, breathing dreamer. We hung out, had coffee and just caught up. She leads a very busy life, so I don't get to chat with her much. Not nearly enough anyway. Life does go on and when we can catch up it makes it all the more special. No one knows you like your BFF!

This is Kris. My sweet,beautiful friend!
I woke up this morning and couldn't help but smile. I had stretched and slowly woke up. All of a sudden there were three fluffy tails wagging and patiently smiling at me:) I have my two dogs who greet me each morning with wags and kisses. Then along with those two I have my mom's dog Brynn that I am watching for her, join in on the morning waking mommy festivities. LOL 2 black labs and yellow old Pilgrim. Looks like Dominoes first thing in the morning. LOL
They are all happy, loving dogs and so even on a bad morning it makes me smile. After I feed them I have to go feed the very verbal kitties. They meow and purr until they are fed. What would I do without the smiles these fur babies bring? Be lonely around here that is for sure.

Didn't do much of anything today. Went to the post office to mail out a order, got some packages and came home for a very short nap.( 10 minutes) Cooked hubby dinner- well more like I started it and he had to finish it. Raw skin and hot ovens don't go so well together. yeh, go figure. I hurt like a Dickin's today but I know it is healing and can't wait until it does. I might have a video for you all soon. Nope not what you might expect but will be a treat I promise you. Something I am very proud of. Got any guesses? LOL
We have reached our two hundred followers(THANK YOU ALL!) and will be having a give away just as soon as Momma is out of the hospital. That will be cause for a celebration! Thanks for being patient.
have a good one


Tracy said...

Oh my goodness those photo's are breathtaking. Such a pretty chubby bird. Love to hear the birds singing.
Did you say Kris is a grandma?? you must be mistaken.
I live for naps :) Sometimes 10 minutes is just what you need.
Yes when you mom is out of the hospital that is a reason to celebrate.
I did a tutorial on that card ;)

Schell said...

Love your nature shots, very cool! Definitely a celebration when your mom is out :0) Have a great weekend Pea! Hugs!!!!

PEA said...

Tracy, thank you. I really love this camera. I am eyeing another for my hubs, but it will fit into my pocket. LOL
Kris is a grandma. Her eldest son is 24. yes, totally no fair and I am only 3 yrs older then her and she looks like she could be my baby sister. Like baby, baby sister. It is what it is. Not fair but it happens. hard life will age ya.
I just saw the cards. LOVE that stamp girl.
Have a great weekend!

PEA said...

Thanks Schell Belle!
I plan on visiting mom and just taking it easy. The stress is getting to me so relaxing is in order.
You have a wonderful weekend too.

Dogpatch Primitives said...

Hi Pea. Thinking of you and hoping your mom is doing OK.

PEA said...

Thank You Patty. Some days are better then others but we keep just plugging along.
Blessings to you