Friday, May 13, 2011

A few goodies

Okay I admit it I love to shop. Does this surprise you? Probably not. LOL I haven't been able to do much else lately. Glad I am on the mend.;)
I recently discovered a new site and they are right here in Washington! WOW, I am impressed. With their products, their service and their products. Yea, I said that twice on purpose. Tee hee.
This sweet company is called Lindy's Stamp Gang
I actually did something today. Small as it may be, it is something.
This leaf was a free gift with my order. Yes, a free gift. Who does that anymore? Very few companies. They are chipboard and very thick. I ordered a product called moon glow embossing powder. It is the neatest thing since sliced bread. It is TWO COLORS!! yes, two. I ordered the Midnight Bronze Obsidian. It looks black but the bronze shows through after embossing. It shows bronze in one light and black in another.
The other items I purchased were the starburst stains. These are a color with a sparkle in another color. Very neat. Kinda like your other mists sprays but better I think. You can get these in dauber tips or sprays.

Moon shadows are a mist with a sepia tone first and the sparkle shows through. Very aged looking but only works in lighter papers. Not black.

Glitz spritz works on both colors black and white. OMG the sparkle in these is out of this world. Best thing about these is that they won't smear and rub off. They have a sealer built in. None of them will.
They will ship international too gals.

Still on the mend. Momma is still plugging away. Trying to run around the building. I hope she can come home soon:D
Have a wonderful weekend.


Tracy said...

So happy to hear about you and your mom both on the mend.
As for your shopping addiction, who says you have a problem, teehee.
Neat products. I can tell in the photo that the embossing powder has two tones to it :)

PEA said...

Tracy, I am more happy about the healing then you are. Now if the skin would just behave it's self. LOL thank YOU!
Tee hee. Yes, I love these products. They come with the powder and you fill with water.
The embossing two tone is the neatest thing. Just love it!
Hope to create a little today:D

Anonymous said...

So happy you and Mom both improving...the glitter things sound wonderful. I love adds life to whatever it's used on!

PEA said...

Me too Theanne, I like mending and glitter. I love sparkles of any kind. Just a princess at heart. LOL