Thursday, April 7, 2011

Picture Day

Hello Everyone,
Today was just stunning and so I ran towards town to get some nature shots. A breath of spring was showing off herself this afternoon and I wanted to capture it, if I could. I am not a master at photography but I do honestly try. Here is my favorite shot above. I call this Lace 2. To me the blossoms and branches remind me of a lace doily.

More shots of the apple trees. I took 111 shots today and only about 7 didn't turn out. That is much better compared to what I usually take and delete.

Have you ever seen a tree with curly hair? The curls on this bark reminded me of just that. Curly hair. Title of the pic Curly haired Tree.

My last photo for today. Is this one. I just love this shot as well. I am proud of these as these are probably the best shots I have ever taken.

the title to this is Natures Lace.

So that was my day. First day in three weeks have felt good and now I have a huge headache. I have to finish up a few things and then to bed early.
Have a great weekend.


leslieb said...

Awesome photography!!! Beautiful photos you've taken. I hope your headache goes away quickly and stays away.

Anonymous said...

Love the lacey shots and the curly tree! Great photos!

Schell said...

Awesome photo shots! You are a natural :0) Have a great weekend! Hugs ~Schell

Tracy said...

Your pictures are stunning. I have to show these to Ashley.
Spring is starting to show itself here....well the snow is melting, so thats a start.
Glad you are feeling better, hopefully the medicine is starting to work. The headache sucks though.
Take care my friend.

PEA said...

Thank you LeslieB.
Headache is gone thankfully.

PEA said...

Thank you Theanne and Baron!

PEA said...

ahhh Schell Belle, thank you. Don't think I am a natural but will take that. ;)

PEA said...

awww, Thank you Tracy, OH my. I know Ashley could photograph circles around me. Would love to know what she thinks though so I can improve. I hope it isn't put the camera away. Tee hee

Um confession to make. Haven't taken one pill yet. Nope that is why I am feeling better. Well sorta. Finger is bad but tummy is fine. Get to start the new meds tonight. Can't put it off and end up in the hospital along with MOm.;)

Jingle said...

These are beautiful!

HaileyzWorld said...

Hi Auntie!!! Been a bit since I have been here, but here I am. Love your photos! Hope your headache went away and that you have a great day today! Love you

PEA said...

Thanks Jingle!
You are too kind

PEA said...

Hello dear niece. I missed you.
headache is gone now if I can just feel better all will be well.
Love you all!
Aunti Phillane