Friday, April 1, 2011

A snails Pace-Mini Album Sneak Peek

A snails Pace, spring sure has taken her sweet time showing up but this is a real sign it is finally here. Green grass we have through out the year here so don't get too excited. Our grass is green all months except for July/August( I don't water it) We are on a well. I water the flowers but not the lawn. We don't really have a lawn anyway thanks to Pilgrim scratching:(
This is a big Banana slug. Isn't is cute~NOT!

Miss Tracy likes little bitty things- maybe this baby slug will make her go awwwwwwwwwww? LOL sorry Tracy couldn't resist.

I have been working at a snails pace on this mini album too. Although at this moment it doesn't seem like a MINI album. LOL
I am happy to say that I managed to get two more pages done today. I am nearing the end. YEA! I am hoping to have it done this weekend. I don't know- still trying. Here is a peek or two at my favorite page so far.

As you can see I did a sewing theme on this page. I got the Tim Holtz Texture Fades embossing folder pattern and stitches. I love it. I applied this texture to a piece of color core paper in black and red. My Minds eye is the paper background. The flower is a trim from the Lost and found collection. Some of Tim's ruler ribbon and more Lost and found buttons. I LOVE this page. I think it turned out so sweet. Quite a few tags. Some are die cuts from the Lost and found collection and some are handmade from the paper collection. The center of the flower is a brad, it was yellow. A little dab of paint and ink took care of that;) So do you think my friend will like it? I sure hope so. I have put my heart and soul into this little book.

Here is the whole page. The sewing texture fade made a mini book. It is so cute. I put lots of journaling spots in this mini album as I know she loves to journal.
That is it for now. Maybe in a day or two I will have more to show you. I have some work to do.
Hope you have a lovely weekend.


Theanne and Baron said...

That's some looooong! Your Mini Album is wonderful...very clever and imaginative! You have a good weekend too!

PEA said...

Thanks Theanne. That slug is SMALL compared to some out here. I will get a shot of the big ones.
What a lovely comment on my album. Thank you so much.

Tracy said...

This album is out of this world. Beautiful. Wow you can tell you are putting your heart into this work of art.
With that being said, how could you put those slugs onto the same post with this beautiful album.
Hope I dont have nightmares tonight, lol.

PEA said...

LOL sorry Tracy. Tee hee. Oh you crack me up!
Thank you sweetie, I hope to get this done and on to it's new owner soon. It is a work of hEart for a friend. yeah came up with that quite a few years ago. Like 15 to be exact.
P.S. hope you don't have nightmares? But how can slugs cause you nightmares and not zombies? LOL

leslieb said...

Your page is very tactile, and loaded with places for the eye to wander and rest. This page as an indicator of what is to come....your recipient will be ooohing and ahhhing for quite some time :-)

Schell said...

Coming along nicely Pea! Love the sewing theme :0)

PEA said...

How wonderful of you to say! thank you so very much. I hope you are right;)

PEA said...

Thanks Schell Belle!:)