Saturday, April 30, 2011

A happy thought

Hello everyone,
Doesn't this image make you smile? I decided while running errands with Katers today that we needed cake. Not just any cake mind you, a DQ ice cream cake. YUm oh YUM!
It is the first smile on my face I have had all week. It was a delicious smile.;)

Last night while in town after visiting shortly with Mom at the hospital, we stopped by one of my favorite stores~Michael's, they has a sale. Really? tee hee. I picked up a few dollar stamps and this puppy called my name.

One can never have too much storage in the studio. I can't create but I can decorate and organize. Great deal at 40% off making it about $50.00 from $90.00

Now mind you both of my thumbs are bandaged, wrapped and hurting like um- well fill in the blank;). I forgot I was so handicapped and thought I could still put this together. HA HA! Kater's to the rescue again. What a great kid. She put the whole thing together even though she was hurting from her 14 mile hike the night before.( LONG STORY) let us just say they got a little lost at Wildcat Lake Trail Head- note- at night. LOL
It is still empty except for the top. I put all my glimmer mists, sparkle mists and color washes in there. I don't have a lot but i had outgrown the space I had for them.
I am still trying to figure out the drawers. I think the extra scissors, tapes etc will go in there. It will sit right next to my chair for easy access. YEAH!

Mom is doing a little better in some areas and bad in others. her oxygen level is down from 70 to 60% so that is good. Walking around the unit twice, so that is good. She is very confused and forgetful so that is not good. I just don't know at this point. Seemed very upset the otherday and was the nurses were earning every penny of their pay checks. LOL They begged me and Katie to stay but she was getting very agitated with us so we thought best to leave before her blood pressure went up. Shortly after my eldest son Jake and his fiance Caty visited. Giving the nurses a chance to work on other items.

My finger is not so good. I see the doc again on Monday. It is still really infected and they removed the nail last week trying to save it. New meds, hope they work. Soaking in peroxide makes it look like a little volcano swelling up to blow. I won't lie when I say I am scared to death!
that my day. Hope yours was a good one. I am off to bed. I hope to go to church tomorrow. I miss my friends.
make lots of memories


~Tonya said...

It is always nice to organize our goodies. Nice stand at a good price. I hope your thumb starts to heal. That is so terrible. I thought it was one thumb? Not both?

I am glad to hear that your mom is up and walking around. She is a tough cookie.

Take care, Pea! It is so nice that KT can help you when you need it. That stand looks great.

Good luck with the new meds.

~Tonya said...

Oh and ice cream cake, YUMMY! Some of my favorite and to have it smiling at you...all the better!!

Tracy said...

You deserve that cake my friend.
That storage unit looks interesting. Your full price will be our 1/2 price :(
Why are both your thumbs bandaged? What did I miss?
I would be scared too. But here is hoping everything goes well.

PEA said...

thank you Tonya,
yep both thumbs now. It is in the blood so only natural. I cut the left thumb on paper about 2 weeks ago, so now it is infected too. Not as bad but bad enough.

Kt is being a big help. my thumbs these days.
yes, cake was yummy and smiled while I ate it.a;0

PEA said...

Tracy? HUH? our full price is your half price? why? I don't get it...

I am sorry, you need one of these. don't get it. price difference?

yes, I cut the other thumb on a envelope and it is now infected too. Not as bad but still infected. Oh boy what fun I am having-NOT!
she will just tell me to keep taking meds. I think it looks better. but I could be wrong.

Theanne and Baron said...

Nice storage cabinet...prayers for your Mom and it both thumbs?
Sorry to hear that...double prayers for you for pain and healing!

PEA said...

Thank you Theanne and Of course Barron!
yes, both thumbs now. Blood poisoning works that way unfortunately. It will heal- hopefully. I keep waiting. Patience is what the Lord is trying to teach me or maybe just to relax a little bit. I don't sit still for long. LOL