Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tracy's Mini

Hello Everyone,
I finished Tracy's Mini, she received the goodies box and all is well. I am so glad that she liked everything. Was so sweet, she cried she was so touched. Awwwwww now isn't that sweet?
Here is my favorite page from the album. The dress forms are also journaling tags. The charms are sterling silver.

I tried uploading my video and haven't been able to yet. Then again I am trying to get things done before Mom's big surgery on Tuesday. It is coming quickly. I had a mini melt down today. Just still so sick and trying to deal with the stress of it all. This old Pea is falling apart. I just want to be well and I don't see that happening anytime soon. I heard that on average it takes sometimes 3 months to get this out of your system:( That would mean I still have one more month to go. Oh Lord I hope not.

I will try and figure this youtube thing out, in the meantime you can see the mini through Tracy's eyes. Here is the link

I am trying to get some sewing done. Deadlines will be here again before I know it.
Have a wonderful day everyone. Cancer cards to come soon.


Jingle said...

This is SO cute!!!

Schell said...

Great page! I am praying for your health to come back quicker and for your mom's surgery to go well :0) Have a great day! Hugs!!!!

PEA said...

thanks Jingle!

PEA said...

Thank you Schell Belle! I really appreciate that. I am sick of being ill and I know Mom is too!

Theanne and Baron said...

Prayers for you Pea and for your Mom!
Going to look at video of Tracy's Mini! (((((Hugs))))) Theanne

Theanne and Baron said...

Everything you sent Tracy is GORGEOUS, and the Mini Album is just FANTASTIC!!!! WOW! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

Tracy said...

Thank you again Pea. I can not tell you how much everything meant to me. That mini is so personal and from your heart. I can't stop looking at it everytime I walk by it. I have it displayed in the dinning room, so I have looked through it many times a day :)

I sure hope you feel better soon, and your mom's surgery goes smoothly.
You really need to get a break already.
Hugs my friend

PEA said...

Thank you Theanne, You always make me feel so special!

PEA said...

You are very welcome Tracy.
I hope you will fill it with Pictures soon. That would make me so happy:)
Oh special to have it out where you can see it,play with it and that makes me smile!
a break is needed. I am praying one comes my way soon. I am sure it is around the corner.
off to sandman land. This old pea is gonna turn into a pumpkin at midnight! LOL