Saturday, April 16, 2011

A treasure for Tracy

Hello Everyone,
I feel like I haven't been here in a month. I had appointments for Doctors for either Mom or me every day this week. The next two weeks are exactly the same. I am not kidding:/

So I signed up with a pay it forward swap with Miss Tracy of Tracy's Treasures
Early this year. For two months I have been working on this Mini album for her and gathering goodies. I am happy to say that it is done. Yay!
That poor girl has been so patient and helpful. You see I have only made one scrapbook my whole life. This being the first by scratch. Meaning cutting it all by hand etc.
A bit of trial and error. I can't say it wasn't a challenge, it was. I can't say I didn't learn anything, I did- LOTS! In the end I am happy with it. I hope she likes it. My little heart and creative soul are in there.
I made a video. My first. But I don't have a clue how to do youtube yet. That will be another day. This goes out first thing MOnday Morning to that address Tracy. I tried, I just came short by about a hour:{

On to my day. I slept in. Almost 11 am. I so needed it. The new meds are a pain in the butt. They leave me hungry as there are all kinds of diet stipulations as to what I can't have. Doesn't leave me anything but veggies and lean meat. No bread or cheese? OMG I think I will die! Which if I eat those foods dangerous blood pressure is what happens~ really? How did I get so durn lucky? LOL
Did I mention that it lowers my immune system and makes me anemic. UT-OH:0 I have a cold now and already anemic. This could be scary. So trying my darnedest to be good. A real stretch for this ol' Pea. LOL

Did get some Happy Mail to brighten my day. Just a few supplies but perfect timing as I was able to use some of these beauties in Tracy's album. Yea! Pretty bling makes me feel better. Here is the loot. From Blue Moon

Here is a new kind of stamp I tried. It is silicone on heavy foam. Interesting. No really it is. Stamps beautifully though. From a company called La Blanche. I really love their antique feel to them and used one in the last page of my mini.

This image should be fun to color with Copics? Right Tracy and Marlene? LOL
Okay girls.I am going to drink some hot tea figure out how to not starve to death and hit the hay early. I am toast.( oh I wish I could have toast:{!!! Hope to create a little while tomorrow since I can't do anything else.
I am not posting my video until Tracy gets this package and posts her. I don't want to spoil all her surprise fun.
Have a great weekend and Take care of yourself. I know I have to take my own advice huh? LOL


Tracy said...

Ohh my Goodness the cover is stunning, just beautiful.
I am so honoured that you made your first mini and are giving it to me. WOW.
Your goodies look so fun. That stamp is real pretty.
Now take care of yourself...take your meds and up your iron, and stay away to the foods you aren't suppose to have.
Ya like I'm one to preach, lol.
I will have a second piece of toast for breakfast tomorrow just for you ;)

PEA said...

You are welcome Tracy. I hope it isn't disappointing. You are a master at paper. Me just a newbie.

Can't take iron sweetie. Allergic which is why it is a issue. yeah I know a odd duck. Katie is making me ham and eggs. I can have that. Yay! Bout all I can have.
Oh thank you for eating my toast. I appreciate that. LOL ya crack me up;)
Oh I am good at preaching too! LOL
Have a great Sunday sweetie.

Гульчёнок said...

Безумно красиво!!!

Patty Sumner said...

The album is beautiful! I understand how busy things can be. Remember to take care of yourself and things will fall into place....blessings!

Schell said...

Wow, your mini for Miss Tracy looks beautiful! Awesome job Pea! Can't wait to see all of the 'guts' :0)You take care of yourself now! Do as your told ;0), like any of us do that! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday! Hugs!!!!

Anonymous said...

The mini album is absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to see your video on how you accomplished it! YAY for you Tracy! Ham and eggs sounds I won't worry that you're going to starve *smile* Hang in there, I'm prayerful the results will be worth it!

PEA said...

So sorry girls I have been dead. Well felt like dying. Oh so very sick.
thank you all for sweet words. It really made me smile.
lost 4 lbs in 3 days.. I guess starving works. LOL

Becky said...

Oh Pea, I just saw Tracy's video of your mini and you outdid yourself! It is just amazing! What a beautiful book!

I hope you're feeling better dear, please take care of yourself :)

Sandra Perdomo said...

I just watched Tracy's video your mini album is so beautiful and inspirering , I took a brake from mini albums for a while but watching yours made me want to make another one , love the way you used the different paper collections for a theme , I can really see all the love and time you put into this , I am sure tracy will trasure it

::KNB:: said...
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Belinda said...

Pea, I just watched Tracy's video of your mini for her. I have to say it is one of my most favorite minis ever! You did an amazing job. Every detail perfect, each effort enhanced the one before it. I loved every piece! Fabulous work.

PEA said...

aw thank you Becky! How sweet of you. I am working on getting better. :) Hopefully this med works. Sure is torture though.

PEA said...

Thank you Sandra,
I am so glad that I could be a inspiration! That put a big smile on my face.
Yes, I used what papers I had purchased as well as a few from my stash to go with the color palette I had chosen for her. Based on the colors she uses most frequently. LOL
thank you again,

PEA said...
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PEA said...

Thank you so much. That is so sweet of you to say! thanks again.