Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Who Me?

MEEE? Behind? in postings you say? mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm really? LOL
 okay, you got me guilty as charged. yes, but as usual life has thrown me another curve ball as I call them these days. Have been caring for a very sick baby. A sweet as they come yellow faced, four legged best friend by the name of Pilgrim.

 He injured his back about 3 weeks ago and has been suffering since. We go to the vet every other day for treatments from a laser.( 45 minute drive one way) He has arthritis and bladder stones as well. So they are trying all that they can to help relieve his pain. So far it isn't working too well. Many a day has passed that I thought I would have to make the hard call, then we go to the vet and he is feeling better. A roller coaster is what it is, of emotions, sleep and lack of it as well as pocketbook. Just hoping after all the special meds,prescription food  and treatments we find something that will make him feel better.

Lack of sleep can make me throw myself into a creative frenzy or funk. In this case we have about a half frenzy. LOL
just one picture of my mini album I made to show ya.
 I love how this page turned out. My favorite in the book. I have a full video on the piece and you can see it here.
 So that is a little taste of  what I have been up to. So much more to show you. I have made several projects and have taken a ton of pictures. Will try and get them loaded up here soon.

Have a great Wednesday. I have to day off from mom, and vets so I am gonna do some housework, pack a box of goodies up to go in the mail and maybe a card as well.


Tracy said...

I am hoping that Pilgrim makes a full recovery. I know how much you/we love out pets.
Sometimes its the hard calls that are best for them :( Wish we could make those calls for our loved ones sometimes as well.

Your mini turned out lovely, but you know how I feel about it already.
Love the flower box, glad I could be of some help to you on that one.
Wish we lived closer to bounce creative ideas off each other, ohhh what a blast we would have. Mind you our hubby's would never see us again, lol.

PEA said...

Thank you Tracy, and yes I couldn't have gotten through this page or a lot of lifes activities with out your help! Just you living up to your name- tracy is a treasure. LOL

Oh hubbies would learn to deal with it and probably play video games all day. LOL hugs,Pea