Monday, May 28, 2012

Feast of Kings

 There is a little spot called Big Beef Creek. It runs into the Puget Sound. It is a little bridge that separates the two. For about a week I have been driving by going to or coming from the vets office. Each time it would be a low tide. The oyster beds are there and on a few occasions I counted 12 to 15 Bald Eagles. Having their daily feast of Kings.
 This is my favorite shot out of 110 pictures I took in about a hour. I just had to keep shooting it was so peaceful and aw striking. I couldn't help myself. Just a very peaceful happy solitude moment even though there were about 20 cars parked out there and everyone with cameras in hand. Some small pocket size, some cameras as big as a big and tall guys arms and some that looked like rocket launchers instead of a camera. LOL
 Just look at the wing span on his fellow. WOW!
 A grand view to behold here. I do love this Country and now you can see one of the reasons why.
 Those little dark brown spots you see are eagles. There were a total of 15 this beautiful, glorious day.
 You see the Eagle on the right. He or she is less then 2 yrs as it doesn't have the black color and white tail feathers yet.  Papa is hunting for small fish or baby eels perhaps.

here are two more young ones. The one in front is molting. Looks pretty rugged. Reminds me of a teenager with acne. They always look bad in the teenage years. LOL
Here is the shot with the most eagles in it. They were spread out all over the place and I just couldn't get them all in one shot.
here is the last shot I took on this day. It just showed me how funny life can be.
  A wild rose to plant it's self here among the weeds. Just goes to show you, that beauty can exist with the ugly. You just have to seek it out.



Schell said...

Absolutely stunning photos Pea! I love them :o)Hugs!

Tracy said...

Great photos Pea.
Oh how great it would be to be able to get these photos.
Wayne would be in his glory :)

PEA said...

Thanks so much Schell belle! Hugs,Pea

PEA said...

Yes, Tracy I could see all 5 of you camera happy and I bet you all would get the money shots! LOL
Thanks sweetie!

liberty_25 said...

love you woman!