Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tumwater Falls Olympia Washington

 Last month honey and I had gone to see the kids( Tyler- youngest son and his bride- Cassi and baby bump :) in Olympia. They took us to Tumwater park. WOW talk about beautiful. It is stunning. Warning this post will be picture heavy.
 Since you rarely get to see what we look like I thought I would share this with you.
 That is the upper falls you see in the back drop.  I will share a full view picture of it.
Here is the middle falls
 Yes, there is even more. I told you picture heavy post.
 See how the little tree branch makes it's own little fountain? At first glance I thought it was a fish. I had to zoom in to see what it was.
 I adore this next shot. Probably my favorite from the whole trip. I love the crooked branches of the trees and the water. Blue skies. Just so pretty to me.
 I think I will continue with the rest of the shots on the next post.


Tracy said...

Great photos.
Looks like a beautiful place.
You are so tiny compared to your hubby :)

PEA said...

yea, now why are you saying that? Me tiny? Honey you have the masters degree in tiny compared to hubs! LOL thank you sweetie, I will take tiny. LOL Hugs,Pea

Rick said...

It looks like you were there kind of early in the year. When I was there in September there didn't seem to be as much water over the falls.

I'm glad to see that the Olympia Brewery maybe opened up again as a multi-use building. I've always thought the old cafeteria area would be great for a restaurant that overlooks the falls from the other direction