Sunday, May 27, 2012

More of Tumwater falls

 This was one of the most beautiful parks I have ever seen. It reminded me in spots of my beloved Glacier Park. My favorite place on this earth. I have even been to many great places including Paris, France and although it was beautiful in so many ways it does not compare in my heart, soul and beauty of Glacier.
 Tumwater park will forever remain a soft spot to my soul. What a wonderful weekend to remember.

This is a baby falls that had found its way along the rock wall that surrounds the parks path. This is why it reminds me of Glacier. You see these baby falls pop everywhere.

  This is a pretty shot too, another view of the falls from down the hill.

 Look at the power of the water in this shot! I took video of it as well. I haven't uploaded it yet but I will hopefully today. It is so loud and powerful you can barely hear me and I talk pretty loud. This shot is of the lower falls.
 Another shot from the lower falls. With the fallen tree in the middle.
 Not really sure why this was at the bottom of the falls. Maybe for some kind of work on the Brewery that is down stream further. Not sure but I thought it was pretty neat looking. I see they had it tied up on both sides of the river. LOL
 Spending the day with Cassi's family, Tyler and my honey was wonderful. The park and walk was a moment that will forever live in my heart but this picture took my breath away. Look at the pure joy on my son's face. I imagine I had that same look on my face when I found out I was pregnant, even though I was told I would never be a Mom. See this picture right here is proof of miracles!


Tracy said...

Sweet photo of your baby looking forward to the arrival of his baby.
I can hear the roar of the falls just by looking at your photo.

PEA said...

Thank you sweetie! Big hugs,Pea