Sunday, May 27, 2012

For a swap

 This is another canvas tile. I can't show you but a few peeks as it hasn't been sent out yet and so far this is the only project she hasn't seen. I can't give it all away. What fun would that be? So for now you and she will have to be happy with a few teasers. Yes, Tracy I know you hate these but it is the best I can do.* snicker*
 This is one of those vintage plastic cake toppers. It was blue and I painted it cream, then pearl and added gold Stickles to it. I cut off the base as it wouldn't fit and placed it onto a Tim Holtz washer. It fit onto the edge of the letter then. Can you guess what letter of the alphabet it is?

 This has to be my favorite shot of the three I took. You can barely make out what it says and you can clearly see the vintage sheet music in the back ground. I used a Tim Holtz book plate, some chain and a vintage jewelry finding. Can't show you much more. Can you see the lace peeking out under the wing?

 See there is lace and this wing. It is part of a die cut from Memory box. I adore this die as it is so intricate. Perfect for grunge paper. Lots of layers  to this wing, but you can see more of that later.
Ta ta for now.


Tracy said...

You are so right I don't like teasers, just show me the project, teehee.
Looking great though...even if I can't see the whole piece.
Oh ya and is the letter a "T", lol.

PEA said...

Nope, not a T. sorry sweetie, guess again. LOL Soon I promise.

Juliana Montoya said...
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ILuvVintageScrap said...

Hey Pea!!!!!! OMG I love love this is sooooo beautiful don't be sneaky I want to see mooooorrreee!!!!!! Love your work sweetie!!!!

PEA said...

thank you Juliana! You will have to wait honey. It is going to be soon and you can see it all.