Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Don't know where it went but I am a day behind again. OH Lord help me how does this happen and so often?
I don't have my cancer card done for the week yet. I have been helping mom this week already. We went to the Doctor today to get her checked out. She has been in a lot of pain lately. Her arthritis is pretty bad. So they are sending her to a specialist.
Also gonna do a echo cardiogram on her. Doc doesn't like the sound of her valve.
We did get her handicapped paperwork though. So she can park close to where she needs to go. So that was good.:)

I came home to chocolate from my honey. I swear he is trying to keep me fat.;) It isn't gonna work honey. Sorry but that wedding is only 7 months away and I am NOT going to be a fat Mother of the Groom. LOL

The winter storms have hit. 60 MPH winds. No snow but surely need heavy wind breakers and webbed feet. I leave you with a picture of a Beautiful Sunny Day in Hawaii. My best friend took this shot. Isn't it stunning? Sure beats the rain, wind and thunder/lightning we had this evening. I'd go there!
Have a great week.


Schell said...

Definitely a wonder of a sight! I'd go there too :0) Hope everything turns out okay for your mom.

Tracy said...

Beautiful, just where I would love to be right now.
Hoping your mom is OK.
My dad was in pain 24/7 for over 25 years. Hoping the specialist can help her with that, being in that much pain is debilatating.

PEA said...

Thanks Schell,
yeah , it looks good right about now huh?
Thank you for the well wishes for mom. She could use them.

PEA said...

Thank you Tracy,
Oh your poor Dad. Mom is used to the pain and deals with a lot of it. But when it keeps you up at night that is it. So she said and believe me I am right there with her.
Have a great week my dear.

Tracy said...

I have an award for you on my blog. I hope this encourages you to blog more ;)