Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A sweet award

Tracy over at Tracy's Treasures came me this sweet award. I am not usually good at these things but I have a few minutes this evening.( Rare occasion)
she said she hopes it encourages me to blog more. I am trying Tracy.:) Thank you.

You are supposed to list 8 things about yourself.
Um I will try.
1. I giggle a lot and say um when I am nervous.
2. only redhead in my family with blue eyes- all the other redheads have brown eyes.
3. the name Phillane means Friend to Mankind- I try but that is a lot to live up to.
4. creating is hard on a manicure but I do both anyway.:) Won't give up either
5. My 3 beautiful Children: Jacob, Tyler and Katelyn are my greatest source of joy.
6.I am NOT a morning person
7. have note pads in everyroom and in my purse too. I am always writing ideas down for the next creation.
8.I am blessed

So now on to the folks that get this blog award.
1.Sonia of dark ravens nest she is a doll of a gal and I love her attitude.
2. Jingle of Just Jingle- she is a hoot!
3. Flora of Bone head studio's. Love this gal.
4. Schell, don't know her very well but a very sweet paper creator.
5. Linda of Meadowbrook Cabin- she always finds time to stop in and say hello. Very sweet gal.
6. Theanne, someone who is new to me as well. Always takes time to leave me encouragement and it touches my heart.
7. Cindy at Cynthia Lee designs
busy gal but sweet as they come
8. Okay I am lost here so I guess I will give it back to tracy again. I know she won't post it again but like I said don't do these things very often.

On to my day.
Kinda a boring day really. Took Mom grocery shopping. Did pretty good but ended up with a horrible Headache while there. I had to help her in the cleaning supply row. I avoid it. Well was over by something smelly and got the headache. It hit and I was sick to my stomach, dizzy and had to lean on the cart. I have a strong sense of smell. Then a gal walked past with tons of perfume on. Oh boy that did it. Migraine. I told Mom we need to hurry. I have to get home before I go down for the count. we hurried along. I ran to the coffee isle to try and smell some beans. That does help to clean the smells out of your nose. Don't know why it works but it does.
I made it home okay but was not feeling very nice when I got here.

Made dinner. Something I haven't had since I was a kid. It was so good too. Monte Kristo Sandwiches. Take bread and butter one side of one slice. Add turkey, ham and swiss cheese. Dip in pancake batter. Brown like a pancake and as soon as brown add a little oil to the pan and finish cooking. YUmmmm is all I can say. I had forgotten all about them. Pretty quick and super easy and I want out of the kitchen quickly so this works for me.
The dishes are calling my name again so best get to it and go to bed. I have to be creative tomorrow. I hope to post something I did tomorrow.


Jingle said...

Well, isn't that just the sweetest thing! Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoy my blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Pea for awarding me the Stylish Blogger Award...I enjoy visiting WHIMSICAL ENDEAVORS and try to get there as ofter as I can! I particularly like your header photo, very ethereal and mysterious! Sorry about your migraine...I get them from strong smells bright light and some foods which I try to avoid. I hope you're feeling better now. Hugs, Theanne

PEA said...

you are most welcome.

PEA said...

Thank you Theanne,
It is appreciated.
That photo was a fluke. right after I got my new camera I saw the image and thought oh it won't turn out but I will try out the new zoom. WOW I was so surprised it did turn out. Thank you again. Yes, feeling much better.

Tracy said...

Hope you are feeling better. I get migraines as well. Thought I was having a stroke the first time. Lost vision and feeling in my hand. Scary I just had baby #2 then.
Love to learn more about you my friend.
Funny to find there is someone else out there that enjoys, or has the same quirks as me :)

Schell said...

I have an award for you on my blog if you want it :0) Hugs Schell

cynthia lee designs said...

Thanks Pea for giving me the Stylish Blog Award. I plan to blog about it on my next post in a few days.