Friday, February 25, 2011

LOOK! what the stork brought me~ post two

We had twins! ( see pictures) ha ha, I couldn't help myself. I thought it was funny;)
Today was the ~BIG~ delivery day. Of appliances that is. We were supposed to have the other twins delivered first( tee hee- washer and dryer) but with the weather aka snow they wouldn't deliver. So we try again on Tuesday for them.
I had to rearrange the entire kitchen. I now have a glass top and the coffee mugs were above the stove. Being the cluts I am Momma suggested that I move them. Good thinking, but where? It took me all day on Thursday to try to reconfigure and I am still not happy with it. As time goes on I will figure it out. Or call Mom to the rescue.

I am thrilled with them. We purchased, well Daddy did the week he died a new dishwasher. Good thing we replaced the fridge though. It seems the motor was getting too hot and left burn marks on the floor.:( It could have caused a fire. OH MY!:0 I had cleaned under then and vacuumed out the motor not that long ago. I do that about every 4 months or so. Just cause of the dog hair that gets under there. Pilgrim sheds like a dog. LOL Maybe cause he is one.
So today was cleaning out the stove drawer and emptying out the fridge. I had them all cleaned and pulled out when they got here. I cooked dinner and broke in the new stove. LOVe it.

I really like the freezer on the bottom but do know there is a little bit less room. With Katie not here most of the time and before we know it, it will be just the two of us that is okay. I know I don't need to buy one thing for the freezer though. When I go shopping on Wednesday with mom it will be other stuff.

Be sure to visit post one. I had to do two posts to catch up. How do you like that MISS TRACY? Just for you...;)
Hope to show you new goodies soon.
have a wonderful weekend


Roberta said...

We got a fridge with the freezer on the bottom a couple of years ago and I really love it. Glad you replaced your old one before it caused a fire! So scary to find out how much it was overheating without giving any warning!

PEA said...

Thank you Roberta. Oh I am glad you love yours. That makes me feel even better.
Yes, very scary indeed. I keep thanking God we didn't have a fire.
Thanks so much.

Schell said...

I love getting new appliances! We just got a new fridge a couple of months ago and I love it. It has the french doors and the freezer on the bottom also. So far so good :0) Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Hugs Schell

Theanne and Baron said...

Beautiful stove and refrigerator! Good news that old frig didn't cause a fire....scary thought! It's so lovely to have nice new appliances! Enjoy yourself!

PEA said...

Hey Schell Belle, Don't know why but I can't resist calling you that. maybe cause you have all boys. LOL
I wanted the french doors but all too big for our space. So this does it and nicely too.
Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.

PEA said...

Theanne, yes, I totally agree. Yes, it is and even though I hate the kitchen I love these babies. LOL

Tracy said...

Your stove looks the same as my new one :) but ours is black.
The sale guy was trying to convince me to get the one with the freezer on the bottom. But with my lack of height I don't think it would have worked for me. Love the idea.
Yes I was wondering where those blog posts were, lol.

PEA said...

Tracy, Hubby wanted the freezer on the bottom as he had a roast fall out of the top and break his little toe! OUCH! I have had many a thing come flying out onto my feet. Been lucky enough to dodge most of them. All those years of dodge ball paid off! LOL
I do love the new stove. Had to get white to go with the dishwasher.
So I may surprise you with posts. I am trying girl;)