Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blue skies

I don't know about you but I don't take the sunshine for granted. Especially since we have on average 298 days of rain a year. Yes, that is true.
We had some sunshine today and I couldn't wait to go outside for a little walk. Just a short one down the hill to get a few pictures. I took this of the clouds. Isn't it cool? To me it looked like puffs of stuffing and reminded me I should be in the studio making dollies. LOL What a horrible mind it is. Giggle*

I did get my cancer card done for the week. Whoo hoo. I have a very busy week so I wanted that done and out of the way. That is something I don't want to skip. I know these folks are not counting on them but looking forward to happy mail is different. I don't want to let them down. After all I have walked a mile in their shoes and know all too well how a simple card can bring a smile.

on to my card.
On occasion I make things that don't work for the current project. I just stash them away for later. The stamped and embossed image was one of those stashes. I added a bit of glimmer mist-some homemade and I love it now. I wanted to keep this card unisex-ish. LOL I know more geared towards a gal but I think because of the simpleness of it, a guy might be okay with it. Well I hope so anyway as a couple is getting this. No, they both don't have cancer but they are suffering together with his cancer. So it is going to be shipped off tomorrow.

Off to make some dollies. I have to finish up a few pieces of furniture before I can share pictures of the studio.
See ya on Thursday- God willing and the creek don't rise as Momma always says. LOL


Theanne... said...

love the card, it's a very kind thing you're doing...and that you were able to get outside for some fresh air!

PEA said...

Thank you Theanne,
Your little notes always brighten my day. Rain or shine:)
I am doing this for my God Mother. She started this and it means so much to her that I continue on even after she is gone. She is a wonderful woman. It does make me feel good and I feel like I get a chance to bless someone else. In the end though I am not the important one.
Thanks again

Tracy said...

I disagree I think you are an important one. If not for your card, they may have not had a smile on their face that day.
Love your cloud picture. I took one the other day, because it looked like a small puff of stuffing :)
I did do a vid today, just posted it late ;) Not sure what tomorrow will be about though :0

PEA said...

awwwwww tracy, that made me tear up.
Thank you. Ya know you inspire me to create so I can say you have a part in this too.
Saw your video. Awesome.

Roberta said...

Another beautiful card and sentiment. And you know the secret of helping others is that it helps us even more.

Eek, that's a lot of cloudy weather. Older son lives in Colorado which gets 300 sunny days a year, but is thinking of moving to Portland, OR when he graduates. That would be quite a change for him but at least he'd still be near mountains. ~Roberta

Tracy said...

I don't know if I can accomplish your challenge to me, to create a mini with no matching paper.
I don't even think that, that is possible, lol.
But now you know I will be awake all night trying to figure this out, lol.