Sunday, February 6, 2011

what a happy weekend

My boy Tyler

Tyler and Cassie

Hello Everyone,
My kids Ty and Cassie came to my rescue. They swept me and my scrap booking goodies and took me to Olympia for a two day fest of paper,shopping and dinner fun. We had a load of laughs, wonderful Italian food, plenty of coffee and tea. Just plain fun. Then if that didn't seem like enough spoiling. They arranged for a massage for me today. OMG, I didn't know all those knots were in there.
Cassie's Kitty~ Moiya

I even got to spend some time with 2 of my Grand kitties. They are so cute. Moiya is the black kitty and the black/white kitty is Ziggy star dust. Very picky kitties about whom they place affection and I am glad I am in the group. tee hee Both kitties are rescues. They are pretty good kitties.
Tyler's Kitty

So that was my weekend. A grand weekend it was. I hope the rest of the week goes this well.
Thank you all for the prayers and love.


Tracy said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend to me.
Ziggy looks a bit like our Rose ;)
Got my first massage, didn't know it was going to be a bit of a pain, teehee. But I think I need another one.

PEA said...

It was Tracy. It can be painful but you can ask for a relaxing massage and they will go easy on ya.
Yeah, I could use a few more. Even the masseuse said so. She said I was a bit knotty. LOL
Aw, you need to share pics of your kitties.