Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A creative catch up

Hello Everyone,
With mom needing me more now these days and My sweet God Mother Sylvia passing away my cards for cancer fell behind. I missed two weeks and I feel terrible. I just couldn't do it and I should be okay with that, but really I am not okay with it.
I went to a Stampin Up Party and we made a few cards. This was just what I needed to get caught up and so I am. We have another one next month too so I will be able to make a few more. This will help out a lot I think. At least I know I will get a few made if things get super busy with mom.
So This card is far from perfect. We were rushing through these things like you wouldn't believe and I am not a fast mover in creating. I can be but not often. I take my time in creating. I do like the feel of it though.
The inside reads"In knowing you are loved."

I went to Mom's today. We skipped the grocery shopping today. Thank goodness. My freezer can't fit one more thing( this is good I know).
I ended up taking her to get her dog food. She can't lift the 40 lb bags anymore. Then to Walmart to run in quick and get her sweet-n-low. She didn't go in cause her hip was hurting her too badly today:( Then I took her to lunch to a little coffee shop that sells crepes. Yummy. We had a chicken/bacon/Chedder Cheese/whole wheat crepe with ranch on the side. Yummy and good for you. Well sort of;)
Came home and didn't feel well. Headache. Took a 4 hour nap and that was my day.
I hope your Thursday is wonderful.


Jingle said...

Mmmmm....crepes! It sounds like you had a good day with your Mom. Your card is lovely!

Cynthia Lloréns said...

I love evrything in here and your blog is so cute!!
I love to find a frienda all over the world!!
hugs from Brazil
I'm already a follower!!

Tracy said...

I think this card is very pretty. I have never got to make one this pretty at a class.
I understand why you would feel behind, but you have other commitments closer to home. I am sure your mom appreciates you being there for her.
Those crepes sound delish.
Hope your headache goes away. It could be your body telling you to take it easy...hench the 4 hour nap.
Take care of yourself sweetie

PEA said...

The gal had everything cut out for us. We had to stamp, cut out images and cut ribbon. All the base pieces were done for us. So that saved time. You don't need a pretty class to make cards. You make lovely ones on your own:D
Thank you my friend. Yes, my body is fighting something. Don't know what? Maybe old age. LOL
hugs my friend

PEA said...

Jingle I know I posted a note to you!
Ugh, thank you sweetie. Crepes were good and I did have a lovely day with mom.
Thank you! Really appreciate your kind words.

PEA said...

Hello Cynthia,
That is so sweet of you to say.
One can never have too many friends.
Happy you stopped by.

Linda Cain said...

I Love this card. Great job!


Schell said...

Don't beat yourself too much about falling behind. Family is one of the most important things in life, according to me anyway :0). I know how it is to be needed all the time too. I took my mom yesterday to her appointments and we met a friend for lunch. Just that kind of knocks her on her butt for a while. Just take it easy about crafting without trying to give yourself too much of a deadline, less stressful :0) Hang in there!

Patty Sumner said...

I love that you make cards for cancer wonderful! Keep up the good work. I also think it is wonderful to help your Mother. Enjoy your time with her. Blessings!

PEA said...

Thank you Linda:)

PEA said...

Schell Belle, I know you are right just when you set goals you want to do them ya know. One more thing I feel like I set and forgot. I just can't do it. I don't know how to quit on them? How could I? My silly card might be the only smile they have all week.
I do need to take care of Mom just feel guilty I can't do it all. Most moms know this feeling.:(
Thanks for the pep chat sweetie!

PEA said...

Thank you Patty,
How sweet of you to say.
Bless you and thanks for stopping by.