Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Dance

My Cancer card for this week. I love this one. Simple and sweet.

Yes, I am doing a little happy dance at the moment. We got my Mom's CT scan and Carotid artery tests back. All is well. There is some blockage on the artery but at a minim area that they won't do anything about it yet. So that is bad and good. Only two more doctor appointments to go for her and two for me. Oh boy. I am tired of Doctors but ya know ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

We are almost ready for a give away. We need 5 more followers and we reach 200. I think we will have a give away. I have been getting in some brand new goodies as part of the give away. This is one of them.

remember I made this card with the punch.

This is just one of the prizes we will have. I have some brand new Pink Paisley stamps to give away too! Just released.
Okay I have to go play now. Bed time will come early tonight. More Doctors in the morning. ICK! Thanks again for all the prayers and happy thoughts for Mom!:)


Jingle said...

Your card is SUPER cute! I hope you get your five more followers today!!! I already am one, otherwise I'd help! LOL!

Theanne and Baron said...

Lovely card...so happy about your Mom's tests...the ultrasound of my neck arteries also said minimal blockage...that was good news for someone who is 69 and not eaten the best over the years. I like that your Mom enjoys her games...I still like a rousing game of Scrabble...only my son always wins...always! He learned from my Mom who was a Master!

Schell said...

Such good news about your mom, hope it keeps coming! I love that punch :0) Definitely need to get an order together for Stampin Up, lots I want :0) Big Hugs!

Tracy said...

I am so, so happy to hear about your mom's tests.
I understand about being tired of doctors and tests.

Your card is so pretty, I love how you popped up the flower's blooms.

PEA said...

Thanks Jingle, I love this stamp set and it was FREE! My favorite kind. LOL
Thanks so much for following. You have a in!

PEA said...

Thank you Theanne,
Yes, eating the best is something I have to get better at.
Scrabble was never my favorite. We all have someone who beats our socks off! LOL Well being a master at scrabble is a good thing to pass onto a child. A bigger brain. LOL All I can say is Thank God for spell check. LOL

PEA said...

Thanks Schell Belle, It is good news and I am so very excited. Now if we can get some good news for me tomorrow that would be great.
Love the stampin Up and now I think I want some markers. LOL

PEA said...

ah thank you Dear Tracy. I am sure you do sweetie.
I am getting to hate doctors offices.

Popping up the flowers was not my idea but like the way it looks too. Will do it again.

leslieb said...

I love your blog :-) I could not find a place to post this properly, so I'll just be inappropriate right here.

I'm sorry to read about the losses of your Dad and God Mother. From your posts you have been surrounded by love, which is awesome, and you deserve all of it.

I'll keep tabs on your blog to see how your Mom is faring in her tests and treatment.

I love your photography. Takes my breath away - especially the main photo on your blog! I'm enjoying your paper crafting. Good luck on your giveaway. I look forward to seeing more of your art work.

Steph said...

Beautiful card! Glad to hear your mom's test went well.

Tammy said...

Yeah for good news on your Mom! I love your card - simple but lovely. I can help with the followers! :) The give away sounds great.