Monday, March 14, 2011

Dare to Fly~ Chalk board~ Mixed Media

Okay so I did get in some creative time.:D. I have just updated my TDIPT PAGE
This is a mixed media piece with a chalk board. I love this piece. It is a piece of art with a useful purpose. That makes it twice as nice in my humble opinion. It was a lot of fun to create. I am looking forward to playing some more. I have quite a few projects lined up including a doll or two. I just didn't want to paint faces when I was feeling blue.

We had a visitor in the yard today. A bunny rabbit. I guess he came by to see if we are ready for Easter and if we deserve a basket of chocolate? LOL
We have left our front part of our yard rather natural with the woods. Don't really know how to do it yet? LOL So he was just sitting out there eating some fresh grass. I was able to take this shot from my front window and use the zoom on my camera. I love that camera. He was about 40 ft away from us at the window.
Please Mr. Rabbit, could you leave me another caramel filled egg? LOL

So that was my day. I worked the other day on my cancer cards and have five done so far. Whoo hoo. More on that tomorrow.
Have a wonderful Tuesday my friend.


Tracy said...

I am sure the bunny will be leaving you some eggs, not sure if you want to eat them though, teehee.
Your mixed media project is just so beautiful. So pretty, and has a beautiful spring feel to it. Sooo pretty.
Go ahead and use any idea I have, I love how I store and display my punches. I get to see them and easy to just grab and use.

PEA said...

LOL oh Tracy you are funny. Yeah I don't want those eggs. The dogs leave ones I don't want either. LOL
Thanks for the go ahead. I am off to find one close.
thanks for the sweet words on my art piece too. I had fun with it. Something a bit different from others.

Jingle said...

What a wonderful piece!

PEA said...

thank you Jingle~ you're so sweet.