Saturday, March 12, 2011

Trekkie invasion!

Ha ha, My kids and I are all sci*fi nuts. We love it. My dad got me hooked on it as a kid. I grew up with Star Trek and Star wars and all that kind of stuff. Mom wanted no part of it, so this was another thing Daddy and I shared. Of course I was the cool Mom cause all the kids hung out here to play this stuff. LOL
Today was my Eldest son's birthday. Jake turned 27 today. Don't ASK how OLD I am! Anyway his fiance got him this shirt, her the top and the tickets for a weekend at the star trek convention this summer. He was like a little boy. So very happy/excited.
If that wasn't enough his future MIL got them tickets to the Star Wars exhibit at the museum this May. How sweet of her. She loves Jacob, very rare for a MIL to put so much thought into a gift for the SIL.
Not only that just look at this homemade sauce. She made a salad and cake too. It was so delicious.

Here is sweet Janet working hard in the kitchen. A amazing Lawyer for the Capital Childrens Court as well. I admire this gal a lot and her daughter is very much a chip off the old block.

Last is the trekkies again. I can't help it. They are too cute.
happy Birthday Jake. I hope all your wishes came true!


Tracy said...

Awww so sweet.
Isn't it so nice to actually have the same interests as your kids and enjoy being around them :)

I sent you a email. It says it can't send it. Maybe its the hotel internet? Let me know if you get it.

Schell said...

So cool, it's nice to get along with the other side of the family also :0) Have fun!

PEA said...

Thank you Tracy,
They are really good kids too!
got it sweetie and a reply on it's way.

PEA said...

Schell Belle,
yes it is I am very lucky. I get along with both of the other families. They have become wonderful friends so that is even better.
We are blessed.