Monday, March 28, 2011

A Welcomed Distraction

A fitting title for this post. Creating something is a welcomed distraction. All day on Sunday I played with inks and paper. I am still trying to finish that mini book for my on line friend. I have other pending deadlines coming up besides Mom's surgery and so I need to get this done and sent off. I finished up two pages on Sunday.
Sometimes I would like to smack myself. LOL I come up with some difficult ideas and then I get mad at myself when they take either too much time or turn out to be too complicated. I had a project yesterday that ended up being both. In the end I made it even more complicated by adding more paper. It did turn out. Not perfect but then again what is perfect now days. Sure not me.
Miss Tracy of Tracy's Treasures has been coloring with Copic Markers. She mastered that so now has gone on to coloring with the Distress inks. I love them both but feel I know what I am doing with the inks. Here above you will see a image I colored for the front of a card. I am wayyyyyyyyyyy behind.:( I think it turned out pretty good. Not perfect but that is okay. Nothing in life is.

On Saturday we had My eldest son and his Fiance' Caty over along with Mom for dinner. We had a lovely time. Mr. Peabody made chili for all of us except Mom. I had cooked some meatloaf for her as she can't have spicy foods. Hubby made a huge batch of chili and there wasn't even a full bowl left for his lunch. Poor guy, but just goes to show ya his chili is awesome.

Mom loves the game Sorry. I personally can't stand this game. I like Uno instead. I had Mom bring her game over that we got her for Christmas this past year. Jake, Katers and Caty played Sorry with Mom and I played Uno with them all. It was fun and Mom kicked our butts on both games. Can't get used to the new deck though. I miss the words being on it. LOL
So that was my weekend. I have more appointments this week with Mom and next week too. I am taking her back to the Hematologist to make sure the anemia is still under control. Don't need anything else added to the mix. Thank you for the prayers for her.
Hope you all have a lovely week.


Theanne and Baron said...

Busy, busy you are! Creating, enjoying your family. Prayers continue for your Mom!

Theanne and Baron said...

There is a "One Lovely Blog" Award waiting for you at this address:

I hope you will accept it,

Thank you,

Theanne and Baron

Schell said...

I love playing board games, Sorry is not one of my favorites either :0) I really like playing Clue and Disney Trivia. Good to get together family and have fun, sounds like you all had a good time! My best goes out to you and your mom!

PEA said...

Thank you Theanne! Blessings to you as well.

PEA said...

Hey Schell Belle!
I love clue. No one likes it here. I love checkers too.
It was fun and a good start to a good week.
Thanks so much

Marlene said...

Your card is so very pretty!

Thank you for stopping by my blog....muchly appreciated....and I'm glad you're enjoying the freebie sentiments!

PEA said...

Thanks Marlene, it is good to see you again.

Becky said...

I think your image turned out great! I have only dabbled in coloring and while I enjoy it, I haven't become addicted to it..yet :) I'm sending positive thoughts out for your mom.

Tracy said...

Thank you for your vote of confidence, but I am far from mastering the inks. lol.
I love your colouring, looks pretty perfect to me. I just coloured a hedgehog today as well ;)

All my best to you and your mom, you two are in my thoughts.
I remember Sorry is the only game my dad played with me...even though he only played it twice with me. Then I realized he cheated,lol.

PEA said...

Thank you Becky! I really appreciate your kind words and positive thoughts for my Mom.

PEA said...

Hog wash Tracy, You have the shading down and it looks great. I hope to get it some day.

Oh your dad cheated at sorry? that is terrible.
I have accused my Mom of cheating but I think she is the luckiest person on the planet when it comes to that game. I watch her like a hawk and she doesn't cheat. Ya know she loves it so much she will play by herself! LOL
Thanks for the happy thoughts for mom.