Saturday, March 5, 2011

a page peek~ My Mini

You all know I have been creating a mini for a on line friend. Oh Gosh it has been fun to throw myself into the paper, tape, glue and being inky. LOL Not great for my manicurist Jennifer might say on Tuesday.LOL I do have a good excuse as to why I get them. Not just a spoiling thing.

So onto my Mini. I now have 4 pages, 15 journal spots,10 tags, and 16 photo spots/mats. Wow and there are only 4 pages done so far. That includes the cover and inside.
I just love the elements as they came together. many of these items I have had for a while. The sweetness tag I got last year. I added a little lace stickles to it for a bit of sparkle.

The butterfly tag has a photo mat on the back. This tag is part of a collection from my favorite paper company-My Minds Eye. I just adore them. I haven't seen a paper by them yet I don't just love.:) The flower is just a few layered together. The pearl brad is brand new from M.M.E..

Just a few collage things in this corner. I love how this little tag makes me think of paper dolls and my friends daughter. Don't know why but it did. Maybe the dark hair? I used one of these in Kris's mini album too. Funny it was a redhead which we both are. Just now realized that. LOL
See the butterfly in the top left corner? It is painted with glimmer mist and outlined in stickles. I had fun doing this.

So this is the whole page. I adore this Prima paper( another favorite paper/stamp company of mine) and only sheet I had with this print. Oh well. Use it before it is outdated. It isn't like I don't have more paper and it was my last sheet;)
I kept it fairly simple for two reasons. The previous page is over the top with stuff and the paper is already busy so I didn't want to over do it. I see some albums that you can no longer see the paper. A page or two okay but every page? no, not like me to do that.
I do hope if my friend peeks( I know she is I see her popping in) she likes this page. I love it but I don't know if she will.
Okay well back to work for me. I have to go clean my mess. Have a wonderful Sunday ladies.


Schell said...

Awesome page! Your album looks beautiful so far. I agree with not wanting to overdue on the page. Some papers are just too pretty to cover up completely and it sometimes looks gaudy. I guess my taste is sweet but simple. Happy Sunday!

PEA said...

Thank you so much Schell Belle!

I couldn't agree more. I like simple/sweet versus the over done and nothing but fluff pages. I think they are pretty but I wanna see some paper. LOL Happy Sunday to you as well.

Tracy said...

This is stunning. I had to look and then go back and check it out again.
So beautiful. The tiny butterfly on the Sweetness tag is perfect.
I agree with not covering up the beautiful paper. Plus when photos are put in the album they cover up some of the pretty paper as well.
This is so beautiful :)
I have never had a professional manicure in my life, teehee. They would wonder why I have ink under my nails all the time, teehee.

Ok off to look again at your ablum :)

PEA said...

Thank you Tracy, I can't cover up all the paper, I just can't;)
Oh I will get the look from Jennifer on Tuesday. Lots of ink under my nails at the moment.
I have them done because my nails split at the base. I have eczema and this is one of the things that happens sometimes. I get my nails done to prevent fungus and loosing my nails entirely.:(
Talk to you soon

Lauren said...

Hi Sweet Oh Pea! Just wanted to say Howdy!!!! : D
Love ya!!!

PEA said...

Hi jackie,
what are you doing being sneaky?
Love ya too girl friend.!